"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,love leaves a memory no one can steal"– Irish Proverb
When someone we love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a cherished blessing to be kept in our hearts forever. When the loss of a loved one occurs, we each experience our grief in a deeply personal way.

Saying goodbye to a loved one can be difficult and painful, but meaningful rituals often provide comfort. Whether religious or secular, traditional or contemporary, a ritual ceremony is a spiritual and meaningful beginning to the healing process, confirming the significance of your loved one's life and the relationship you shared.

Purpose of Remembrance Ceremonies
Funerals, memorial services, and celebration of life services can serve the following purposes:

* Confirm the reality and finality of death.
* Provide a climate for mourning and the expression of grief.
* Allow the sorrows of one to become the sorrows of many.
* Enable the community to pay its respect.
* Encourage the affirmation of religious faith.
* Celebrate the life that has been lived.
* Encourage people to give love without expecting something in return.

How I Can Help
I assist you in planning and implementing a meaningful ritual ceremony which can be personalized and individualized with family and/or friend participation by:

* Delivering eulogies or tributes, sharing interesting and humorous anecdotes about your loved one.
* Displaying photos, either individually or in an album.
* Displaying memorabilia or other items relevant to the life of your loved one.
* Playing music (either live or recorded), especially favorite songs.
* Reading prayers, poems, or other readings relevant to your loved one's life or personality.
* Rituals performed by members of organizations or fraternal groups of which your loved one was a member.

A meaningful service honoring the memory of your loved one may be held in the venue of your choice, such as:

* Funeral chapel
* Graveside
* House of worship
* Non-denominational public space
* Private space of your choice

I officiate at:

* Celebration of Life ceremonies
* Gravestone dedications
* Interfaith funerals
* Jewish funerals
* Non-denominational or non-religious services
* Memorial services

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I wanted to thank you again for all your care, concern, and assistance with the passing and funeral of my mother. I appreciate all the time you spent on the wonderful service you presented for her at the chapel, as well as your guidance at the hospital and our home. Thank you from all of us.
Michele has officiated at two of the funerals that I have recently attended, the latter one for my husband Alan’s cousin. In both cases, her coordination with the funeral directors, her thoroughness in planning details of the services and the events following left no doubt that she is a professional. Alan’s relatives report that she spent as much time as needed with the many surviving family members, getting to know each of them and his or her unique relationship with the deceased. They expressed that her compassion and direction in the pre-funeral meeting gave them strength to get through the difficult burial and grieving process. For both funerals, the prayers and readings she selected offered just the right blend of the personal, religious and spiritual, in accordance with each family’s wishes. The eulogies were loving and tender and handled some difficult issues with great sensitivity. It was almost as if Michele had known Alan’s cousin. Michele’s return visits to the family in the week after the funeral really helped them find their way through the valleys in which newly-bereaved find themselves. And, as a practical matter, her pricing was very much appreciated. I am grateful that Michele was there for Alan’s family. She is TLC – personified.
Thank you for your eloquence at her memorial service and your many earlier kindnesses to her and to me during her previous hospitalizations. We were both very fortunate to have your reassuring thoughts and wise counsel. It gives me great comfort to have the memory of your kind presence during her time of need.